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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"The Long, Hot Summer" (1958)

If you like your family dramas overheated and Southern fried, do see this steamy story of repressed sexuality set in a moss covered Mississippi town. Orson Welles is the overbearing Big Daddy Pollitt-like patriarch growling and mumbling like he's got a mouth full of grits and cornpone. All he wants is a house full of "granchillin" and his repressed school teacher daughter (Joanne Woodward) and shiftless son (Tony Franciosa) aren't breeding fast enough for his boorish patience. Enter sexpot drifter Paul Newman to shake up everyone's libidos and tempers. The Woodward/Newman chemistry is great and the fine cast, including Lee Remick and Angela Lansbury,  all putting on those fake Southun' accents is a hoot. Bonus fun: a gorgeous Samy Cahn title tune sung by Jimmie Rodgers. 

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