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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"The Facts of Life" (1960)

The post-War marital malaise was at full tilt by 1960, the year of "The Apartment" and this amiable adult dramedy. Bob Hope and Lucille Ball are middle aged suburbanites who fall in love despite--and maybe because of--each being stuck in a humdrum marriage to other people. An affair to remember it's not, as real-life commitments and guilty consciences get in the way of consummating the tryst. Happily, both stars move beyond their usual performing personas, Hope tamps down his 'Road' picture hamminess and Ball keeps her Lucy Ricardo bit in check, to deliver a nice mixed bag of sophisticated laughs both broad and bittersweet. Added bonus: a fine credit sequence by the master, Saul Bass, and a nifty Johnny Mercer title tune sung by Steve & Eydie! 

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