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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Designing Woman" (1957)

"Designing Woman" (1957) You might dismiss this rom-com as warmed over Tracy/Hepburn territory, the kind of plot where two people with wildly divergent careers (and personalities) meet cute, spar, fall in love, spar some more, and then, well, cue the Hollywood ending. And it IS all that, but when you have the classy combo of Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck giving it their best shot as a high fashion designer and newspaper sports columnist, all under the deft direction of Vincent Minnelli supplying his usual  glossy panache, then you forgive the familiar plot line. Added bonus for any clothes whores out there: oodles of mid-century New Look gowns and frocks in eye-popping Technicolor by costumer Helen Rose...simply scrumptious. 

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