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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Bedlam" (1946)

What if you're committed to an mental asylum and you keep insisting you're sane...but no one believes you? That scary old premise is given a good turn in this literate and moody horror drama. Anna Lee is the crusading do-gooder who wants to reform the inhuman conditions of Bedlam, the infamous 18th century London madhouse. But the cruel director of the joint, lispy Boris Karloff, catches wind of her scheme and has her thrown in with all the 'loonies' through some political sleight of hand. How she plots to keep her wits about her and escape the spooky place is satisfying fun. And if the actress sounds familiar it's because she went on to become the kindly matriarch Lila Quartermaine 35 years later on the soap "General Hospital".

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