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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

"36 Hours" (1964)

A very fine WWII thriller from the 1960’s. By that time these kind of pictures were getting more fantastical, plots where the fiendishly evil-genius Nazis were devising all kinds of outlandish scenarios to gain world domination. On that scale this one is somewhat plausible, like “Oh geez, that’s pretty clever, how is this gonna end??” To describe the plot is to spoil the fun. It’s the kind of idea TV shows like “Mission:Impossible” and "Hogan's Heroes" would pilfer every episode just a few years later. The three leads, James Garner, Rod Taylor, and Eva Marie Saint, are all uniformly good, making you care for the characters way more than required. The smart script is by George Seaton and author Roald “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Dahl! 

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